Programmatically getting the "Choose Symbol Class" dialog to come up...

Discussion created by hylndr on Aug 1, 2012
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Howdy All,
I have a couple of layers that their symbology is based on a unique value in a field... I have created a custom command that will do a few things... one of them is to edit a feature on one of the layers. Somewhere in the code for the command, I would like to present the user with the "Choose Symbol Class" dialog, similar to when you click on the ellipse "..." on the Editor Attribute form for the particular field that is used for the symbology definition...

Does anyone know of how to get that dialog box to show up and use it's selection result programmatically???

Using ArcMap 10.0
VB.net 2010
it will be in a arcmap command code...

Thanks in advance,

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