Error 500 in GeocodeServer reverseGeocode operation

Discussion created by hbrasilino-img-com-br-esridist on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by JunchengZ
I'm building a WebApplication that consume GeocoderServer service using REST and experiencing a strange behavior on reverseGeocode operation: when the search does not have any valid address within the search distance, the service returns an error 500 (unexpected error) instead of telling me that there is no valid address/candidate.

Does anyone know if this is the expected behavior or if I???m missing something? It seems to me like a bug.

More info: I???m creating my own locators for POI and Brazilian addresses and publishing them on a local AGS 10.0 SP3. When I access the findAddressCadidates osperation, I receive a valid pjson with a collection of candidates if found or an empty candidates list otherwise. When I use the reverseGeocode operation, it returns OK with an address and a location if found and this error 500 otherwise.

Here the pjson I'm receiving:

  "error" :
    "code" : 500,
    "message" : "An unexpected error occurred processing the request.",
    "details" : []