Move or reorder layers in mapview

Discussion created by lcatania on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by agup-esristaff
Is there a way to move or reorder layers in a mapview?  I have a list of map layers with a check box next to each along with up and down arrows.  I want to give the user the ability to move a layer up or down so they appear over or the current map or pushed under the current map.  At the moment I am trying to add a listener to each arrow that would remove the layer and add the layer back into the mapview into a different position.  Anyone have a better solution.  Would be nice to have a moveUp and moveDown method on a layer or mapview.

I am also running into the issue that I build the menu as the layers are read off the sdcard but I also add the layers as they are read, so the menu built shows the layer in reverse order.  That is the top most layer shown in the list is actually the bottom layer in the mapview.  I need it reversed, so the layer listed at the top is topmost layer in the mapview.