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Execution of job <jobid> failed because of crash termination of the server object

Question asked by salicmd on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by salicmd
I developed geoprocessing tool similar to the example clip and ship tool. The tool makes shapefiles of the selected layers then zip and ship to the client. When I hosted the tool in a single ArcGIS Server environment (that is entire ArcGIS Server components installed in a single machine) the tool works fine.

When I installed the tool in a production environment which is a multi-processor environment (an ArcGIS Server machine (SOM ) works with two other SOC machines) and I run the tool within the REST web interface of the GP tool I got the error message,

???Execution of job <jobid> failed because of crash termination of the server object???.

But When I examined the jobs folder I found that the zip file is created in each time , that means my GP tool working and output file is creating in a specific jobid folder.

I hosted the GP tool in the server inside a folder called ???TEST???, and with in the ???TEST??? folder I created the service.  When the job is submitted , and when keep on checking the job status finally I will get the job failed status.

Is it because of I hosted the service inside a folder?
  It worked in my test server which is single processor machine

Please  help me to find a solution

thanks in advance