Replication to Cloud Builder site fails

Discussion created by zenben on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by kpeter-esristaff
I set up a new site on AWS using Cloud Builder.  Everything seemed to set up and work OK until I tried replicating my local geodatabase to the cloud server.

Local setup: ArcSDE 10.1 on SQL Server 2008 R2
Cloud Bulder: ArcSDE 10.1 on SQL Server 2008 Express

If I replicate one or two datasets at a time, it works. But if I try to do 4 or 5 datasets in one replication, I get the error message that the replication failed due to a server error.  Some or all of the data copies to the cloud server (sometimes some, sometimes all), and on the cloud server the data is registered as a replica, but on the local server it will have no replicas registered. I've tried both one-way and two-way replicas with the same results.

I thought maybe there was an IIS timeout issue with the server connection, so I doubled the connection timeout setting on the cloud server. I tried the replication again, and it still failed but this time said it was due to an unknown error.

The datasets are versioned and have global ID's. Again, it works if I do the datasets one or two at a time, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the datasets themselves.

I'd appreciate any ideas,

Update: I did more testing today. I tried doing the same operation from another cloud server instead of the local one just to make sure the problem is not with my local server. Same results: the replication fails and says server error. Some, but not all of the data transferred to the Cloud site, and the Cloud site registered the partial data as a replica. The originating server did not register any replicas.