Using "obtained from"

Discussion created by srednasj on Jul 30, 2012
ArcMap 10 SP 3 - working with a toolbox script.
I was not finding a valid "Data Type" to use for my first parameter that would enable the "obtained from" to become active for my second parameter, which data type was "Field".
The first parameter data type was "Layer".  I thought it odd that the table could not be used to populate "Field".
Anyway, I decided I just wanted to see "obtained from" do something, so I changed the first parameters data type to "Table".  I could now set the value of my second parameter "obtained from" to the name of the 1st parameter.  Of course, my desired layer would no longer be accepted as an argument for parameter one.
Eventually, I set parameter one back to "Layer".  I started the script, put my Layer spec in the box, clicked on the drop-down for my "Fields", and, lo-and-behold, the dialog for "Fields" was populated!  I selected a field, and the script ran perfectly.
I just thought it was funny, or am I missing something?