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Locator class: Store() Vs. InsertRow()

Question asked by xtian79 on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by xtian79

I have created a class using RouteEventSourceNameClass, i had defined the event table name, the event properties and the resource measure locator.

After the creation of the class, I proceed to create the features, using the Store() method. so far there is no trouble.

I have a lot of events to locate, so i'm facing a performance issue; reading the ESRI documentation iabout the process of creating features, it says that a good option would be using an insert cursor, so i proceed to do that. It is true!!!! i have an excellent performance, the creation time was reduced in 90%, but rigth now, the data is in memory, but it is not drawn by the mapcontrol. i proceed to fire the event OnNew() (as well as the Store() method do it) but it does not work. furthermore i try to capture errors from locator, but i dit not get anyone.

Any suggestions?