A sculptor needs advice please

Discussion created by iestyn on Jul 29, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2012 by david17tym
I wonder if anyone can help me please ? I have just been commissioned to produce 2 large water features for a prestigious project.
At the centre of each sculpture there will be 2 x 580 mm diameter stainless steel hemispheres welded together. Once welded together to form a sphere the intention is to use a world map in 2mm brass, cut on a CNC machine, which is then to be hand beaten into a
580 mm concave former, then applied and fixed to the stainless steel globe.
My problem is finding the correct map to use, that when cut flat and hand formed gives me the best results in fitting correctly to the globe. I need a world map in 2D that can be exported as a dwg or dxf, for use directly with the CNC software.
I have already been advised that the correct map may be the Equidistant Cylindrical or Plate Carree, although I cannot find this on
the web in sufficient detail or as a downloadable file. I would greatly appreciate any constructive advice
iestyn davies -