Suggestions on syncing up remotes users with central data server?

Discussion created by dmede on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2012 by dmede
Not sure if this is the correct forum for this or not. I�??m looking for some basic info on data sharing/syncing between users who need to connect to the same projects and data from remote locations?

I work for a firm that houses all of is GIS data in a central location but has users who are in different offices (different states). We would like people with different projects and different locations to be able to seamlessly hit the same data without having to make local copies. We also want .mxd files to be able to be passed back and forth between remote locations while maintain its connection to the centrally located data.

Initially we tried using a VPN connection between users and the data server, but arc ground to a halt on anything other than the smallest files. We have tried SugarSync with some initial success, where data folders between the remotes users are synced to the data server. After each .mxd is closed the file syncs back to the main server folder and new users can then open their synced copy locally and see the updates. Now having trouble with this connection but is likely a setup/IT issue.

While we try to sort out how to get SugarSync sorkign again, I�??m looking for suggestions or examples from the forum on how you handle this type of data sharing need?