Get Driving Directions sample - broken?

Discussion created by bgfield on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by mostafa.fouly-esrinea-esridist
I've been playing around with the Get Driving Directions sample and it seems to have some errors.  I was attempting to find directions between some local addresses and Firebug was constantly spitting out the following error: "TypeError: err.details is undefined".  This only happens when there are issues with the way the address is typed.  After playing around with it a bit, I've found that the format of your address has to be VERY specific; each element of the address MUST be separated by a comma or the map fails to find a route.  So "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, 20050" would be an appropriate address, but "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC 20050" would not be (even dropping just one comma will cause the map to find an error).

This certainly compromises the usefulness of this tool.  Is this a network analyst problem or something with the code in the sample itself?