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Failing to bridge two streets using the create streets tool

Question asked by joshuaseppe on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2017 by ryansixgen1

This is my first post in any CityEngine forum :-)

I have a scene in which I have made small changes to the Philadelphia example model. I have duplicated the terrain and street network and I have effectively doubled the size of the city. The duplicate sits adjacent to the original and I wish to begin connecting certain streets along the border between them. However, the streets will NOT connect. The best that I have managed has been manually manipulating the network in such a way the streets appear to be connected. Doing this is tedious and is often futile because I then realize that I need to move the streets around significantly.

Is there a way to force the connection? Any help would be appreciated (especially from Matthias lol).