Labeling points in map

Discussion created by lauracockrell on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by SaultDon
I am creating a map of the trapping location for birds I am banding on a wildlife area. I have the trap sites labelled in my map (Trap A, Trap B, etc), but I would like to put the coordinates of the trap site next to the label as well. Is there a quick-click method to do this? I tried going into the attribute table and creating a new field for my Lat and Long, but when I 'Calculate Geometry' my X-coordinate comes up something like -161233 (it should be more like -121.8740ish). The only other method I can think of is using the "Go to XY" feature and labeling the points with the coordinates, but I don't actually HAVE the coordinates on hand. I created the points by looking at the NAIP base map.