External script changes, do not reload(), have to delete script$py.class files

Discussion created by rhexter on Jul 25, 2012
So I have a number of scripts (myAdditionalScript.py) that are imported into the script based exporter(scriptexport.py).

I am finding that if I alter one of these myAdditionalScript.py scripts referenced by the scriptexport.py, I am having to restart city engine and delete the  myAdditionalScript$py.class in order to make sure the changes are reflected i.e. the myAdditionalScript.py is reloaded?

What happens behind the scenes as each one of those scripts is executed?
Are you looking for changes on disk to the files to force a reload prior to execution or are you relying on something in the cityEngine navigator to tell you a script was edited?
I ask as I am using an external pythonIDE to work with these additional scripts as its more appropriate to my needs.