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Kulldorff's Spatial Scan Statistic

Question asked by avigis on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2012 by avigis

I have a semester project to develop a tool using Python which implements Kulldorff's algorithm and finds clusters in point data.

Currently it is a mess: I understand Kuldorff's algorithm upto the part before it dives into Bernoulli & Poisson. I imagine I have to call certain things from R. I have several disease & crime point shape files.

I am not able to start with the coding due insufficient understanding of all these aspects.

What are the reqiurements of the data, I mean what all attributes the points must have(population, time etc)?

How do I program a (Bernoulli/Poisson) statistical test (I have never done this, I dont have the sligtest clue)?

How to integrate python and R? Rpy2 is preferrable, I guess. But need help installing rpy2.

These are for starters. Indeed I am not being able to set my concept right and start work.

Please help me.