Extra ObjectID Field After Join in ArcGIS v10

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Jul 24, 2012
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To All ArcMap Users Employing a Join:

In ArcMap v9.3 I had a model that performed a join that was used to create a new feature class in a file geodatabase.  In v9.3 the new feature class only had 1 ObjectID field that originated from the main feature class.

In v10.0, the same join operation and subsequent new feature class generation process creates a second ObjectID field in the new feature class that originates from the join table.  The records from this new feature class are then appended to an SDE database.  This process now fails in v10.0 because there is a schema discrepancy that did not occur in v9.3 due to the new field.

Has anyone encountered this scenario?  If so, how would one solve this problem?

Also, I did not see an documentation that would indicate that the joins in v10.0 would work differently than in v9.3 by generating an additional field.

Any help or feedback on this topic is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.