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AGSMapServiceInfo not notifying delegate on retrieveLegendInfo

Question asked by dmonego on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by njarecha-esristaff
I have an instance of AGSMapserviceInfo which I'm trying to use to retrieve legend info:

-(void)queryLegendWithMapServiceInfo:(AGSMapServiceInfo *)msi {     if(msi.version >= 10.01)     {          msi.delegate = self;         [msi retrieveLegendInfo];     }else {         NSLog(@"Skipping layer [%@]. ArcGIS Service must be version 10 SP1 or above",msi.URL );     } }  - (void)mapServiceInfo:(AGSMapServiceInfo *)mapServiceInfo operationDidRetrieveLegendInfo:(NSOperation*)op {  NSLog(@"Do stuff"); }   - (void)mapServiceInfo:(AGSMapServiceInfo *)mapServiceInfo operation:(NSOperation*)op didFailToRetrieveLegendInfoWithError:(NSError*)error{  NSLog(@"Error encountered while fetching legend : %@",error); }

Unfortunately, this doesn't notify the delegate on either the didFailToRetrieveLegendInfoWithError or on the operationDidRetrieveLegendInfo methods. I've checked this in the debugger and under the Allocations instrument, and msi is neither nil or deallocated. Is there another reason why this call wouldn't even give an error?