Geocode and update layer

Discussion created by kajvdh on Jul 24, 2012
Hi all,

I want to do the next:

Geocode data in an excel file to a table in my geodatabase and update the data in the existing layer.

Nowadays I have:

GeocodeServer-> Geocode Adresses process
Input table -> Geocode addresses process

Input table is a model parameter, the output feature of the geocode addresses process is marked as model parameter and add the display.

I dragged the model to my table of content so the data will appear on the map when running the model. This works, but when I run the model again, it will update the data in the table, in the layer AND make another new layer with the data. So now I've 2 layers with this data while I just need 1 that gets updated everytime when running the process. I don't want to have to delete it manually so I was wondering if there's a way to not create a second layer, but just updating the existing layer.

Does anyone here how to do that?