Integration data with Javascript FeatureLayer and external API data.

Discussion created by tecgeogis on Jul 24, 2012
Hello everyone.

   I'm working with Esri Javascript API for web apps, and i need to integrate the map with other servevice provided by the other API in JSON format.
   But, i'm very confused how to do this.

   It's possible to developer a an SOE to provider a "New Feature Layer" in ArcgisServer and using it in the map as used in the
usually examples.
                      var SOE_FEATURE_LAYER = "ArcgisServer url Service";
                      var featureLayer = new esri.layers.FeatureLayer(SOE_FEATURE_LAYER, {outFields: ["*"]});
   Or this integration are created inside the FeatureLayer type of javascript Api.
   I'm very confused about that, i really need help!