ESRI products for Linux for map automation?

Discussion created by BrideyJean on Jul 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2012 by jbarrette-esristaff
I'm in the process of exploring options for map automation on our Sun Cluster running Linux.  I could use advice in determining which ESRI product(s) are needed for Linux Cluster.  Our objective is to batch generate TIFF (or other image format) files from imported NetCDF rasters with one or two shapefiles for spatial context (e.g. a County or study area boundary).  A single NetCDF file will be used to produce the output series based on selected input parameters.  The extent is the same for the entire series. These files are too large to move over to our Windows server, so we think we need to come up with a Linux solution.  I am hoping I can accomplish this via Python scripting using ArcPy and arcpy.mapping.  What are my ESRI product options?  Will Python scripting work for this scenario; if  so, which ESRI products for Linux include the ArcPy Site Package? ArcEngine?   Other than this file generation, we don't have a need to bring ArcGIS to users on the Cluster, we are just looking for a way to automate import of NetCDF files as raster layers, allow user to input selected parameters and time increments, and output images of rasters with preselected shapefile layers.   Can this be done?  If so, what am I looking at: Arc server + Python script, Arc Engine SDK/Runtime + Java or C++ customization, something else?  I think I read that Java can't be used to manipulate MapObjects.  Is this really the case?  The only layout element I need is a legend for the raster.

Would very much appreciate some helpful guidance! 
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