arcgis server account access to enterprise sde

Discussion created by gisapps on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by dmuthami
I understand the arcgis server account must have:
1)  Read access to the folder in which the .sde connection file resides.
2)  Select grants to the sde database referenced by the .sde connection file. 

What if the connection file connects with a SQL Server only account not a Windows account?  I expected an error when registering the sde datasource with arcgis server since the database had no knowledge of the local windows arcgis server account but registration occurred without error.  Only when I Share As Service did I get a clue that the SDE could not be accessed and all the data automatically got copied to a .gdb on the arcgis server.

I now assume the following: 
1)  The arcgis server account must be a network account visible to both the arcgis server box and the sql database box.
2)  The arcgis server account must be added to SQL Server database users and granted SELECT on the database.

Three questions arrise:
1)  Can I change the arcgis server account to a windows network account, away from just a local windows account without reinstalling arcgis server?
2)  Must the .sde connection file imported during data source registration with arcgis server connect using the arcgis server account?
3)  Will the data copy be automatically suppressed if the above work is done?