Single Output Map Algebra Question

Discussion created by BRufenacht on Jul 19, 2012
I have a script that runs a calculation on 5 input rasters to get 4 more rasters, then runs a conditional on each of the 4 rasters before a mosaic of the 4 rasters, and finally a conditional is ran on the mosaic to get my final output raster.  This is 10 raster calculations and 9 temp rasters, which can take a long time to process and a lot of hard drive space.  Is there any way I can combine my conditional argument with my single output map algebra to reduce the number of raster calculations done to get the same result.  An example of my single output map algebra and con statements are below.  I know I can combine the two in a raster calculator function, but I don;'t know how to translate this into a script.

# 10 and 25 Log-Linear Interpolation
X25 = ws + "//X25"
gp.SingleOutputMapAlgebra_sa("POW(10 , LOG10(4) - %s * (LOG10(4) - LOG10(10)) / (%s - %s))" %(D25, D25, D10), X25, "'';''")

# Set cells outside of 10-25 range to 0
C25 = ws + "//C25"
gp.Con_sa(X25, 0, C25, X25, "%s <= 4" %(X25))