SRTM HGT raster in ArcGIS 10 - how to convert

Discussion created by deleted-user-IR249IovB3CN on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by vijailal
I think I am missing something here. I have found older (~8 yrs) threads about needing to rename the file extension of the .hgt files obtained from the SRTM data site to .bil and then creating header files for each raster. Is this still the process for using SRTM data in ArcMap? I've found a few older programs (GDAL, LandSerf, various .exe's) to convert but haven't had any luck with them. Since these posts and applications are so old I'm wondering if I have missed a more recent simple solution. I have downloaded V2 30 m SRTM data from the data access site as well as .bil files directly from USGS's Earth Explorer.  Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks.