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ArcMap 10.1 - Legend with items from multiple data frames or...

Question asked by ameador1 on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by ameador1
I am working with two data frames with data driven pages (DDP). The first data frame (Layers) is used by DDP with an index layer called DistMap. The DistMap is a disolve where our tax maps (MapGrid), and Parcels that lie on that map, intersect. So, the DDP pages go from map to map and the parcels for that map are drawn and clipped to the DistMap for the active DDP page. This is all done in the first data frame. The second data frame (Shadow), lower down on the Table of Contents, exactly overlaps the first data frame. It also draws the Parcel feature set, but with no fill and light grey lines. The idea is to have all the parcels drawn in light grey (filling the whole data frame) and then having the clipped set drawn again with different fill colors, based on Neighborhood, with black boundary lines for the particular map. Roads, water ways, etc... are in both data frames as well. This helps make it easier to follow from map to map.

The problem... The Shadow data frame is lower on the TOC and thus - I thought - should draw first, then the Layers data frame draws - higher on the TOC. This should cause the color filled parcels with black outlines to 'cover' the non-filled, grey lined parcels of the Shadow data frame. But that is not happening. The Shadow layers are over top of the Layers layers. So ALL parcel lines are ending up grey and the roads, waterways, etc... that are in the Shadow data frame are sitting over the labels and parcel lines of the Layers data frame.

One method I tried was reversing the content of the data frames so that the first data frame is the Shadow layer and the second data frame is the Layers layer and changed DDP to use the second data frame. This fixed the order of what is drawn on top of each other - except that the Legend on the maps is only letting me pull layers from the first data frame. Since this first data layer is now the Shadow layer, where parcels are drawn non-filled with grey lines, the Legend doesn't show the parcels from the Layers data frame where the parcels are color coded by Neighborhood. So the finished maps whould not have a leged showing the Neighborhood to color match. So I seem to be stuck - one way is causing improper (well, by my expectations anyway) order of drawing and the other is causing my legend to be broken. So, help in either direction would be great - try to fix the order of drawing issue - or adding layers from the second data frame to the Legend.