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Point features to raster. Can't sum with other raster

Question asked by RPictures on Jul 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by RPictures
Hello to everybody.
I have a problem with suming rasters, made from different geometry features.
The situation is next:
I have some rasters that are made from polygon features and they cover all the area of interest. Also I have a rasters made prom point features that have the values somewhere on the area. When I try to use Map Algebra tool the resulting raster looks like the "from point" one. The values of "from polygon" raster that doesn't intersect with "from point" raster are lost. How can I keep them in the resulting raster?

P.S. I tried to build a buffer for point features, then union them with the contour of my area of interest and then convert to polygon. But in that case some of the values are lost because they don't cover more then a half of the cell or the center of the cell. If I make a buffer larger the value can cover more cell then it does in real.