PythonWin crashes when setting workspace

Discussion created by navyjay1972 on Jul 14, 2012
I've been having problems when I run a script in PythonWin where it seems that PythonWin crashes (I get the "PythonWin Has Stopped Working" message and then closes).  I've run other script with tools where I didn't have to set or point to a path and worked fine.  Here's one of the scripts I've been trying to run:

import arcpy

# Create a Describe object from the feature class

desc = arcpy.Describe(r"C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Exercise5Data\Exercise5\Newark.gdb\NewarkStreets")

print "Shape Type : " + desc.shapeType

This worked on a computer at my school, but when i run it on my personal computer, it crashes PythonWin.  I've also tried running line by line and it always crashes anytime there is a path in the script.  Any ideas?