Caching in 10.1 produce inconsistent results

Discussion created by hammadem on Jul 14, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by JShramek-esristaff

i have published a number of MXD files as map services. when attempting to cache, we have different results at different trials. number of completed tiles keep changing with every new attempt. i am not confident of any result i get. sometimes i get zero tiles consisting 0% and other times i get 400%. and the shock is that sometimes i get cache failure message.

i would assume caching procedure is well defined and outcome is constant given same set of input variables. However, i do keep providing the same parameters yet i get different results.

i also noticed that when i do multiple scales at one time, usually something wrong goes on

when i perform caching at one scale at a time, tool is more stable

but, still results vary

have anyone else experienced this issue  ?

are there any detailed literature explaining what exactly is happening when a cache order is placed ?

is there any verification of QC method to double check our work ?

i noticed there is a fix errors command in the cache status wizard. does anyone know what this operation fix exactly ? and why once we run it and it completes and the job status is updated, why does it not update the number of tiles completed ?