ExtractValuesToPoints Tool - Error Using Relative Paths

Discussion created by rhanover on Jul 13, 2012

When I try to run the ExtractValuesToPoints tool using relative paths I get a generic error.  Here is the command with relative paths:

gp.ExtractValuesToPoints_sa("Working\Temp\OG_New_Wells_StateClip.shp", "Data\Grid\bedtopo500", "Working\Temp\Extract_OG_New_1.shp", "NONE", "ALL")

If I hard code the full paths the command works.  Here is the command with full paths:

gp.ExtractValuesToPoints_sa("C:\Oil and Gas Map App\Working\Temp\OG_New_Wells_StateClip.shp", "C:\Oil and Gas Map App\Data\Grid\bedtopo500", "C:\Oil and Gas Map App\Working\Temp\Extract_OG_New_1.shp", "NONE", "ALL")

My program runs hundreds of other tools with relative paths with no problem.  The ExtractValuesToPoints tool is the only Spatial Analyst tool in the program and the only tool that gives me an error.  We need all the paths to be relative.  Does anyone know why this tool needs full paths?