Can't specify GeoTransformation to the project geometry service function as with SOAP

Discussion created by nickdodd on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by nickdodd
We currently have a java client which performs coordinates transformations via the Geometry Services SOAP client, but a client has requested we use the REST api instead.

With the SOAP interface we have used JAX libraries to generate java stubs and this lets us specify the following parameters:

  1. InSpatialReference

  2. OutSpatialReference

  3. TransformForward

  4. Transformation

  5. Extent

  6. InGeometryArray

Where Transformation is a GeoTransformation WKID or WKT object.

However - the following REST api documentation makes no mention of this:

You can only specify the input/output spatial references, the input geometries to work on and the return type.

Am I missing something?