One geometry for multiple cables in same conduit or trench

Discussion created by juls1ada on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by mark3773
We are looking to implement the telecom model 10.1 to help manage our intelligent transportation system which includes fiber, copper, conduit and cameras, road detection, electronic signs etc.   When looking at the telecom data model it appears fiber, copper and conduit are all managed as separate feature classes and each have their own geometry.  We are looking to manage 1 geometry for conduit, fiber and copper if they share the same space.  So if there is a trench with a conduit and in the conduit we ran 2 fiber cables and 4 copper cables it only shows 1 line.  This would help us manage multiple cables and streamline the back and forth GIS and CAD conversions.

Has anyone modified the model to accomplish something similar to this?  Any advice or examples would be very helpful.