Symbolizing routes on a road network

Discussion created by John_T on Jul 12, 2012

I am looking to symbolize the number of routes using each section of road in a network.

I have built a road network and carried out a Closest Facility Analysis from 187 incidents to a single facility. Having solved this, I have applied the 'Add the traversal result...' add-on and subsequently exported the NATraversal Edges and the Closest Facility Routes to new layers.

I have then joined these 2 layers based on spatial location. The resulting layer contains a 'count' field in its attribute table which specifies the number of routes crossing each line segment. This has enabled me to symbolize the road network segments based on the number of routes using them.

However, where 2 roads with different 'count' values meet, the value of the main road is being applied to the last segment of the minor road. For example, where a road containing 2 routes joins a road containing 10 routes, the final segment of the 2 route road is being symbolized as having 10 routes.

I assume this is due the line using the highest value of its junctions. Is there anyway to reverse this so that it uses the lower value, or can anyone suggest an alternative approach?

Thanks in advance for any help.