PublishMSDToServer failed to publish.

Discussion created by nqazi on Jul 12, 2012
Hi there

I am running a Pyton script to publish a msd file. this is my coding

import arcpy
msd= r"C:\GeoSpatialTraining\ArcGIS 10\GIS Programming 101\Exercises\crime.msd"
arcpy.mapping.PublishMSDToServer (msd, "http://<NA-LAP-3z8>/arcgis/services", "<NA-LAP-3z8>", "MyMapService", "", ["WMS", "KML"])
except IOError as e:
     print "I/O error({0}): {1} {2}".format(e.errno, e.strerror,e.message)

However it fails to publish the service. Any idea what could possible be wrong. I have shared the folder and also added arcgis user into it. When i tried to publish the service using arcgis server manager it worked and service is published but with the above python script it did not work. I appreciate ur help