Showing multiple infowindows at the same time

Discussion created by aslaken on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by akajanus-esristaff

Is it somehow possible to show multiple infowindows simultaneously?

I tried adding an itemscontrol with infowindows to my xaml, but when I run it none of the infowindows shows up. If I simply replace the datatemplate in the itemscontrol with button instead of infowindows it works straight away.

I know that all the bindings are working, so that's not the problem.

The code for the itemscontrol is included below:

 <ItemsControl x:Name="InfoWindows2" ItemsSource="{Binding Resources, Source={StaticResource mvm} }" >
                                <esri:InfoWindow IsOpen="True" Anchor="{Binding MapPoint}" Height="300px"
                         Map="{Binding ElementName=MyMap}" 
                          ContentTemplate="{StaticResource ResourceLayerInfoWindowTemplate}"
                         Content="{Binding Resources, Source={StaticResource mvm}}">

If it is impossible to show multiple infowindows at the same time, is there some other control I could use?

All answers are greatly appreciated! :)