scripts of spatial analyst v 1.1 in arcgis 10... some translation problems

Discussion created by jujara on Jul 10, 2012
Dear colleages, i`m dealing with a topic that maybe somebody know about...

i find (into my old projects) a script for spatial analyst v 1.1 (this version runs in arcgis 3.x), and i`m trying to run again those commands in the new version of spatial analyst for arcgis 10.

These are the scripts... somebody know the rigth gramatic (i mean way to write it) for spatial analyst in arcgis 10? (i also give a explanation to maybe better undertand what i'm doing with the script)

Here are:

[Faults (raster)].IsNull.Con(1.AsGrid, 0.AsGrid.Log).Int

Faults is my original polygon that i have transformed to raster, Faults is a raster.
'0.AsGrid.Log' is a trick for creating a grid of NoData values, here i create a NoData grid of the complement of the Fault and also convert it to integer

[Distance to Fault complement].Curvature(nil, nil, nil, nil)

here i'm trying to  extract the medial axis ("skeleton") from the Fault raster. Use the curvature.

([Curvature] > 300) and ([Distance to Fault complement] > 5)

Here i'm trying to isolate the main spine of the Medial Axis, The values of '300' and '5' are empirical and would change depending on the situation.

[Medial Axis].RegionGroup(false, false, nil)

This separates the "bones" of the skeleton.

([Region Group] = 7).Con([Distance to Fault complement], 0.AsGrid.Log)

Copy the values from the complementary distance grid onto the main spine (the script before explained) (use the 'Con' operator). Round them to the nearest meter