Kriging Interpolation on Archaeological Depth Values

Discussion created by kirstenfalzarano96 on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by mboeringa2010
Hi there,
  I am using interpolation to create an original surface based on depth measurements at various points across the site. There is an overall trend in the data from NW to SW, so I originally used Ordinary Kriging with a first order trend removal. Now I am wondering if I should have used Universal Kriging. Which method would be more suitable for the dataset? In terms of slope, it is a change of about 30 cm over 7m, so not very dramatic.

  Also, when you are choosing which model to apply to the variogram, how do you choose? Other than trying to fit the line to the point distribution, is it wise to choose the one with the lowest RMSE value?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!