Question on Tabulate Intersection and Geodeticity

Discussion created by ksilver on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by smurray-esristaff

My main question is: does the Tabulate Intersection tool yield distances that are geodetic? The source of concern for my question is below:

First I gathered data for distances between cities and ports, by country if the travel route would cross borders. I did that by using the tool XY to Line, which yielded geodetic lines. Then I used Tabulate Intersection to find the distances of the lines in each zone, which I designated as countries using a shapefile.

My main issue is that although I started with geodetic line features, it appears that the tabulated distances are not geodetic. I know this because when I use the Measure tool, set to Geodesic, the lines closer to the equator are almost exactly the same as in the table. However, the output table says that a line in northern Europe is over 100 km longer than the geodesic Measure tool.

I tried using different projections and they provide outputs with varying accuracy. Is there actually anything I could project into to make the distances more accurate overall than straight WGS1984 or is that the best for worldwide calculations? Perhaps I'll just have to measure the lines manually at the extreme latitudes?

Thank you.