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Kriging produces bad raster dataset

Question asked by jontyknox on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by MBoucher21
I have a point shapefile consisting of approximately 64,000 points. When I run a kriging function of this data it sits at 0% for awhile then powers through the Kriging and give me a raster file that is a solid value of -22 with an extent that far exceeds the extent of the point shapefile.

I have run the exact same krig with a slightly different dataset and it worked fine...

When I am entering the values for the kriging my cell size it set to- 1.2626400000002E-04, which is 'the shorter of the width or the height of the extent of the input point features, in the input spatial reference, divided by 250'. My search radius is a default 12 points although I have tried other values.

I'd appreciate any help with this.