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Finding contributed add-ins and tools is impossible!!!

Question asked by curtvprice Champion on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Dan_Patterson
ArcScripts was so easy.

First the Galleries came along; the search box at upper right does not work - even when you drill into Communities -> Galleries! Is there any way to search this????

For 10.1, Esri is moving user-contributed scripts and samples to ArcGIS Online, where everything is separated into "communities", to which we're asked to login and upload our content (it isn't being migrated).  The search there seems to sort of work, but only "dumb search box" search, there is no way to limit it to certain types of tools, or versions, like ArcScripts.

How To Upload Your Gallery Item to ArcGIS Online

The now deprecated spots are:

* Model and Script Tool Gallery

* ArcScripts (points you to the now-deprecated Model and Script Tool gallery (!))
I still like this interface - nice little advanced search to look for what you want.

Do you think desktop tools are passe, it's all about services now?
If so, boy are you guys wrong!