geoprocessing and attachments to existing oracle table with blob field

Discussion created by mnakagiri on Jul 10, 2012
We have two oracle tables that i would like to create with an attachment relationship.  One table will be used to create a point feature class.  The second existing table has (blob) data, which is already a one-to-many relationship.  I already tried relating the two tables, and i can see all the blob data information, but cannot view the blob data.  In our current work flow process, we are continually adding to and updating the feature and blob tables.   If I can create the attachment relationship with the two existing tables--one being the feature class and the other being the attachment relationship table containing the blob attachments, this would greatly enhance our current work flow process. I read a prior post by Drewf May 15,2012 thread attachments and geoprocessing which was excellent.  If the relationship could be set up, I am hoping that the changes in both tables  would stay synchronized.