Selecting Attributes For Use In Model Builder

Discussion created by dridgeway on May 14, 2010
So I have a question that Might be easy for someone to answer.

I am doing a route analysis which I have created all the network data sets for and I have a shape file of points for the stops. What i am trying accomplish by way of using model builder, is to select only 2 records (2 stop points) from the stop point shape file so be solved for in the route analysis.

So Far I have found that If I have the stops shapefile loaded in arc map and manually select the 2 stops and then select "load locations" it will only load those 2 that were selected. I am trying to find a way so that model builder will select 2 locations (preferably by user input query) so that when it loads the locations and runs the rest of the model it will only use those 2 points and not every point in the shapefile.

If anyone has any suggestions or a better way to preform the analysis, please let me know!