Trouble publishing a gp tool

Discussion created by KG22 on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by bflessner
I have a simple python script that accepts a feature class name and a list of object ids. the script makes an sde connection with a hard-coded sde file and then exports the chosen features to a shapefile and stamps that to disk.
The tool runs fine in my python ide. The tool runs fine in Arcmap.
When i click on the results and select Share as GP service i select new service and am presented with the Service Editor dialog.
When i try to publish (or analyze) i get errors that my tool "contains broken project data source"
I'm actually getting 4 things in the Prepare are. one is High severity error with code 68 broken project data. The other 3 are high warnings with code 24032 datasource is not registered with server.

Why are there 3 warnings and an error?
I have registered this data source with ags using ArcCatalog (both normally and as an ags managed data source)
When i click on the warnings I get the Data Stores dialog and i see my registered data store. I then click Validate All and get a check.
I can do this for all 3 warnings and they are then listed as Re-Analyze. But when i analyze again they return!

When i click on the sole error message my Task is removed from the Service Editor and I am brought to the General tab. Not sure what to do there.
Am I missing something? How can I get this gp tool to publish?