EDN Authorization Question

Discussion created by rcoodey on Jul 8, 2012
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Been using the WPF API since 1.1 and always upgrading to take advantage of the latest fixes, enhancements, etc...  Now looking into using the runtime since that is the latest (and been waiting a long time for the 10.1 printing :)).  Anyway, question about the EDN authorization... 

We only have one EDN subscription for me, and I am really the only GIS developer ... but we have about 6 other developers, and many of our in-house libraries and apps have GIS components I wrote but are included in projects they also work in.  So in the past I had them all install the light weight API so they could include these projects as needed to work on other aspects of the application but still be able to compile everything.  We really don???t want to have to manage in-house pre-compiled libraries if possible.  Is it ok for me to authorize the runtime on their machines with my code solely for the purpose of them compiling (they won???t be writing any GIS related code with it)?  Same question for authorizing it on our build server?

All I can find in the documentation is ???An EDN subscriber can install the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF on an unlimited number of machines as long as only the authorized EDN subscriber is the one using those computers for development use???.  They???ll be using the computers for development use, but not for ???ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF??? development use??? I???ll still only be doing the ???development??? against the runtime???

Thanks for any info???