Complicated intersect tool analysis

Discussion created by economad22 on Jul 7, 2012
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I have a layer of multiple overlapping polygons of fire perimeters with the same field attributes. I'm looking to create smaller polygons of all of the intersections while preserving all of the field information. I want to have polygons that represent their fire history. Every attempt with the intersect tool produces separate polygons for each intersection (if three polygons overlap, three separate polygons are created with the intersecting spatial extent).

My question is whether I can alter the coding (in python) of the intersect analysis to combine the field attribute information. For example: If three polygons overlap and they all have the field "Year", when they combine the new field ID's will be preserved in the single intersection feature with "Year_1", "Year_2" and "Year 3". This way I might preserve the information from all of the overlapping polygons into the smaller intersections.


Whether I may perform a second process upon the intersect output that combines the field attributes of intersections that are of the same extent. Basically have 3 polygons melded into one based on the same spatial extent. I've attempted using the Spatial Join tool and Dissolve to no success.

Thank you for your help and insight. I have the latest version of ArcGIS.