Table to points?

Discussion created by Benmosquito on Jul 5, 2012
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Will you help me to associate records in a table with predefined points? I need to be able to use these records for query and symbology.

The two methods I think would work are, finding a way to attach multiple records to a point (I have no leads on how to do this), or create a new point in the same location for each record in the table.

The latter I have spent a considerable amount of time on.
I have tried making an xy event layer then converting it to a feature class or shape file. Every tool and method I have employed leads to a copy error.

I have also tried to merge the layer with an existing feature class. This copies records but no data transfers over. I set up the import fields correctly but it still leaves the fields empty.

I would appreciate your help in finding a solution for this problem.

ArcGIS Desktop Standard (ArcEditor), Windows 7

Optional back story:
I created the records on the access side of a personal geodatabse (so non-gis people can do the data entry). In order to give them geographic relevance I joined them with a point feature class that has xy coordinates.

My end goal is to be able to symbolize the data meaningfully on a map and have it time enabled.