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Layer.getExent() Crashes Arcmap

Question asked by mahunter243 on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by jbarrette-esristaff
The following code will crash a Python interpreter, or crash the entire Arcmap app if run inside the python window or in a toolbox tool:

import os, sys, time import arcpy  def main():          #make a layer from scratch     tfc = 'c:/arcview/sf/forest/tract.shp'     strmap = '4301'     t = 'tracts'     df = arcpy.AddFieldDelimiters(tfc, 'MAP')     exp = df + " = '" + strmap + "'"     result = arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(tfc, t, exp)     lyr = result.getOutput(0)          # or get a layer from a .lyr file with the same def query     lyrfile = 'c:/temp/tract.lyr'      lyr2 = arcpy.mapping.Layer(lyrfile)           #either of the next 2 lines bombs python, or crashes Arcmap if inside app     ext = lyr.getExtent()     ext2 = lyr2.getExtent()  if __name__ == '__main__':     main() 

The problem is the definition query, since both layers work fine without it.  The query works, and GetCount returns 1 for each layer.  This is 10.1, XP SP3.  Any help would be appreciated.