Publishing a geoprocessing toolBOX

Discussion created by KG22 on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by dgarcrom
I see how i can publish a gp tool by creating the tool, running it in arcmap, and then selecting the results and clicking Share As...
That creates an sd file that i can then use in ags manager to publish my tool.
The problem is that i have a toolbox with 30 tools in it. I don't want to run all 30 and go through this process. Can't i just publish the entire toolbox somehow?

Also, why the change in publishing gp services? I liked being able to go into catalog, connect to my ags, then right click and add new service based on a python scripted tool.
that seemed like a great workflow because i could then edit the python script in the background without having to reup my service (unless i changed params).
It appears that under the new workflow I cannot modify my python script without having to open arcmap and rerun everything.
This will add much time to my dev process.