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Discussion created by dbecker88 on Jul 2, 2012
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the executeIdentifyTask function is fired from either a map click or grid row click.

Since the executeIdentifyTask is responsible for identifying/formatting/displaying popups, I'd like to use the existing executeIdentifyTask to display a popup after a grid row click.

If a grid click, I want to display the popup, stripping out any close-by identify results that may have been included.

If grid click, I lower the identifyParams.tolerance, but I still pickup a few unwanted results around the facility point geometry that was grid-clicked

dojo.connect(grid1, "onRowClick", onRowClickHandler);

function onRowClickHandler(evt){
       var selectedFac;
       //other non-pertinent code
       map.centerAndZoom(selectedFac.geometry, 15);

function executeIdentifyTask(evt) {

       var lids = []; //array to hold layer id's to identify
       var anchorPt; //facility point, substitute for a mouse click
       var siteCode; //id for the grid row that was clicked
       var j; //index of response object that was grid clicked
       var res; //filtered array of response objects

       //lets detect if this was fired by a map click or a grid click

 if (evt.mapPoint == undefined){
  //grid click, only identify the facility point corresponding to the grid row that was clicked i.e. lower identify tolerance
                identifyParams.tolerance = 1;
  anchorPt = evt.geometry;
  siteCode = evt.attributes.site_code;
                //set lids to include only facil layer

        identifyParams.layerIds = lids;
        var deferred = identifyTask.execute(identifyParams);
        deferred.addCallback(function(response) {
                if (!(siteCode == undefined)){
   for (var i in response){
    var fac = response[i];
    if (fac.feature.attributes.site_code == siteCode){
     j = i;
   res = response[j];
                        //no filtering the identify response; this was fired by map click
   res = response;
                return dojo.map(res, function(result) {
                        //if res is set to response[j], script never gets here, ends at break above <----problem        
   var feature = result.feature;
                        //esri.dijit.PopupTemplate's set here
                        return feature;

any advice would be great! Thanks.