Set street edge

Discussion created by Sheyla_Santana on Jul 2, 2012
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Hello everybody.

I'm new in Cityengine and I'm trying to model the city I live.
It´s my doc project.

I'm facing a problem at this moment that i could not tell the program what is the face of the lot that is on the street side.
I've used the occlusion (touches), I used a script found here which makes the static shape becomes a dynamic shape by renumbering the vertices but still could not get a satisfactory answer. In some things I've read on the internet, I saw this "set street edge." Does anyone know how to use it? I'm not able to make it work. One difficulty I encountered, including related to the script that renumber the vertices, is that it makes only one side of the lot is returned as street side. Ok! But when the lot is a corner and has two sides to the street? How do I do?

How can I Determine Street Edges/StreetSide of Imported Blocks?

Does anyone have any tips?