Calculating Cheapest Total Cost using cost per mile and cost at facility

Discussion created by reecet on Jul 2, 2012
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I am trying to work on a problem of the movement of material across an area.

The origins are certain postcodes in a District and there are two destinations for each of these points. The destinations have differing costs associated with them, lets say Destination 1 = £100 and Destination 2 = £200, the vehicle in question costs £20 per mile to use.

Now obviously if the destination points had the same cost could use a simple OD Cost Matrix to calculate the closest Destination, but the complication lies with the £20 per mile cost and the Destination cost where you could be in a situation where the origin is closer to Destination 2 however economically it would be better to go to Destination 1.

I have the Road Network set up, I cannot work out how to use the impedance of the lines and other influences for Network Analyst to calculate the cheapest option for each.

I could just export the OD Cost Matrix to Excel then manipulate there but I will have c. 1,000 origins and 10 destinations to calculate the cheapest combination, is there a function in NA that will allow me to do this and then spit out the cheapest option for each origin.