Chrome freezes - it's dead Jim

Discussion created by amarsden on Jun 30, 2012
Edit 2 - Chrome updated to 20.something, and all seems fine - I'll leave this here just in case it re-appears.  But panic over.

I've a new map site, not yet live to the public, at - I've had it running in API 2.8 and 3.0 and this issue occurs in both. 

In chrome, it seem if I zoom in fast it freezes - or rather sits at a full core usage (so 50% on my dual core) - before Chrome finally asks if you to kill it, then of course, the "It's dead, Jim" message. As of now I am on 19.0.1084.56 m of Chrome, but I note there's an update waiting. 

IE9 and Firefox 12 seem fine.

Any ideas?


PS - I should add that in my office, this works fine in Chrome, so it may be my PC, or it may be that inside our firewall requests hit our internal DNS then go straight to our relevant server, without leaving the building.