Modelbuilder does not display correct append fields.

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Hello to the ArcGIS community,

I first posted the question on the map automation forum but it was suggested that I post it here instead. Thanks in advance.

"I have been tasked by my company to transfer all our data from Geoconcept to ArcGIS. I have also been tasked with creating processes that will automate our work flows. Before starting I had no knowledge of modelbuilder but I have had to learn and quickly. One of the models I have created is designed to dissolve a series polygon features and then append them to another feature (all within a single file geodatabase).

Above is the window I get when running the tool. I want to dissolve the polygons features based on ROUND and summarize the SECTOR Field as FIRST. Then I want to append the new feature, I map the input field ROUND to NAME and SECTOR to SECTOR. The Problem is, the SECTOR input is set to SECTOR, not FIRST_SECTOR. This means the field is not appended.

Could this because it has the same field name? How would I fix that?

Any and all help is welcome.
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I have determined that the statistic field(s) are not being maintained when the Dissovle Output is set as intermediate data. This has lead me to change the model so the dissovle is a precondition to the append and the append draws the input feature from geodatabase for temp data. The feature is then deleted once the append is complete.

The model now work but it concenrns me. Why are Statistic Field(s) not maintained through intermideiate data in model builder?"